Does it cost anything to list with VIP Ticket Hub

No. All accounts are FREE, and there are no hidden fees… ever. You don’t pay to list your event, and you can also select whether you want to the process fee to be absorbed by your customer, or if you will pay it directly yourself. Check out our cool fee calculator on our pricing page https://wsoctickets.com/pricing/ for more info.

Can I list free events or comp tickets on VIPTicketHub?

We currently do not offer this option; however, we are exploring how to potentially add this in the future.

Can customers purchase (or donate) for a Live Stream of my event on VIP Ticket Hub?

Yes, live streaming is increasingly becoming a part of event production, and the creation of this site was largely motivated by having a platform that can handle BOTH live tickets and streaming for an event.

Can I watch or receive a demo of your product?

We never charge any clients to create an account, so sign up to see just how easy it is. We also update our resources page https://wsoctickets.com/blog/ from time-to-time with hints and tips on how to maximize your client experience on VIP ticket Hub.

What is the pricing scale on VIP ticket Hub?

It is always FREE to create an account, and the most we ever add to the final price of a ticket is $1.97 + 3% Credit Card fee. However, we also offer special reduced fees for lower cost events, and there are NO HIDDEN FEES… ever. Check out our pricing page https://wsoctickets.com/pricing/ for more details – including a cool fee calculator tool. You also control whether you want to pass along the fee to your customer or absorb it yourself.

Please feel free to compare us to the huge ticketing platforms on the market – we are confident you will find we offer better, more customized service for far less.

After I list my event, how can customers pay?

We accept all major credit cards and paypal as methods of payment.

How do I get *my* money from VIP Ticket Hub after my event is over?

When you create your FREE account, you will link your preferred payment method to your account. We remit payment upon the conclusion of your event, and generally within 5 business days.

How do I get to create my event and sell tickets on VIP Ticket Hub?

After you create your FREE account, you simply need to login and hit the CREATE EVENT button, which will launch our event creation wizard. Once the event has been created, customers will be able to buy tickets online through our event listing page.

How do I issue a refund to a customer?


How do I cancel an event listing on VIP Ticket Hub?


How do I enter custom discount codes for my event?


What reports do I have access to on VIP Ticket Hub?

When you login to your FREE account, you will have access to ticket sales, referral status, etc… 


What promo resources do I have access to on VIP Ticket Hub?


Do I need to sign a contract to list an event on VIP Ticket Hub?

No. We will never require a contract for you to become one of our valued clients. You simply need to sign up for a FREE account, and you can list an unlimited number of events at no cost. We never require exclusivity on event listings either – we simply want to be a tool you can use to maximize the effectiveness of selling tickets to your event.


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