How can you save money for your group at The Main Event?

We offer discounts if you have a group larger than 20 attend any single show at The Main Event of The World Series of Comedy September 23 – 28 , 2019 at the Casino Queen in St. Louis, IL

The earlier in the week you hold your group outing, the more money your organization will save. Also, the more people that come as part of your group will trigger an increase in your discount.

Benefits – for those that purchase tickets all one show:

  • Your group will be announced from the stage
  • Your group will receive complimentary tickets to our late-night shows
  • At 50, 75 and 100 tickets purchased, you unlock some bonus benefits for your group, including ads in our program books, showrooms signs, the chance to set up an information booth at the venue, VIP passes, the chance to be a guest judge for a show, on site video board signage, and even your group name and/or logo printed on the official WSOC T-shirt 

Discounts offered:

  • The list of discounts offered per show (by group size) are here:
Discount Info

You can purchase one of two ways:

  • A single group leader can bulk purchase the tickets for your group (this will reduce per-ticker surcharges); or
  • Each guest in your group can purchase tickets through our website at using a code provided by the group leader (which in turn will be provided to that group by a WSOC salesperson)

How to sign up your group:

  • It’s as simple as filling out the online form below:
Sign-Up Form

FAQ for Group Sales:

Can we buy tickets for different shows?
  • You can get a code dedicated to your group – there would be a discount based on which show was purchased by that guest
Is there a minimum ticket purchase to qualify?
  • You need to purchase at least 20 tickets to be considered for the group discount

Official Hotel Partner:

  • All 17 WSOC shows will be held at the Casino Queen
  • If anyone in your group needs a room during the event, use our discount code.
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